Your Campaign,
Done On Time and On Budget

At Pollari Fulfillment Center, your project is always important and receives our profession attention and care. Whether it’s an annual report match mailing, a national pharmalogical brochure release, monthly campaign for non-profits, or a multi-part campaign point-of-sale display, we make sure it goes out correctly and on time to meet your needs. Quality assurance and accuracy are our binding principle for all our clients.

We handle all fulfillment projects you can present us. Our facilty includes a security area for reward programs and accountability for your inventory. We are licensed alcohol and food handlers (pre-packaged) and are experienced in holiday gift set pack outs and lot labeling. We are certified secondary pharmalogical processors for national campaigns and ship-outs to medical professionals.

Pollari Fulfillment Center’s staff are experienced and consistent in any hand assembly projects. We are able to handle your jobs big and small with our flexible personel. Whether you are doing a match mailing to donors or shareholders, or re-packaging product samples into branded packaging, we are ready to meet your goals quickly and accurately. We can work with your budget and time constraints, and provide you with solutions for scheduling and delivery.

We look forward to working with you and establishing a strong business relationship based on our proven record and our performance with your projects. There is no job to big or small that we can’t handle for you. We invite you to let us quote on your projects and see how economical we are. Please use our Request for Quote link "$?", here and above, and give us the opportunity to work with you for your business.


From Our Dock to Their Door

At Pollari Fulfillment Center, we know fulfillment is only half the project. Getting your project ready for shipment and out the door is equally as important. Whether you use United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS or FedEx, you need a company that knows how to prepare the outgoing materials. What requirements does each enforce? Are there weight limits? Do they need to be shipped by piece or by palette?

Pollari Fulfillment Center has our own in house shipping department which is expert at handling the shipping needs you request. We can also use your contracted trucking companies. Our material handlers and loading facilities can accomodate vans to semis. We will arrange and secure your shipments to help reduce damage enroute. Your project will receive the best care possible.

We use the most up-to-date software for labeling and tracking your shipments for USPS, UPS and FedEx. We provide you with necessary updates and reports on what shipped, when it was shipped and when it arrived. We can stagger your finished project to arrive when and where you tell us you want them there to coordinate a release or marketing campaign.

Pollari Fulfillment Center wants to assure you, your materials receive our utmost care and attention from the moment they enter our facility until they leave. We know we can help you find shipping solutions and cost effecting logistics to take the worry out of the delivery of your fulfilled projects. Please call us or request a quote online for your next project.


Need Someplace to Store the Goods?

Sometimes you just need more space to have stuff packed and ready to send when your clients need it. Pollari Fulfillment Center can supply you that space. Our 65,000 sqft warehouse can accomodate your needs for holding your fulfillment projects, both short and long term, until you want them sent out. Our rates are economical and save you the time and effort of contracting off-site storage for your finished materials.

Pollari Fulfillment Center can help you by maintaining your stock prior to fulfillment projects so that everything can be staged and ready to go at a moments notice. General and secured warehouse areas are available in our facility and inventory reports are supplied on schedule.

We can also set up climate controlled spaces for special needs materials to assure longevity and freshness.

Warehousing with Pollari Fulfillment Center will help you take the worry and time delays out of your time sensitive programs by allowing you to keep your materials ready to process and ship, all in one place. We will work with you and your suppliers to keep track of the ins and outs and safeguard it all. Contact us and see what we can do for you!


The Digits for PFC

Pollari Fulfillment Center’s 70,000 sqft. facility is conveniently located in western Suffolk County just 50 miles east of New York. Our facility is only 3 miles south of the Long Island Expressway (I-495). This makes for easy access for commercial trucks or management site visits for production checks.

Please feel free to contact us to with any questions or quotation needs.

Pollari Fulfillment Center
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Phone: 631-392-1777
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